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Registered Under

Trust Act 1992, Reg. No:
460/92 dated 11-11-1992.

Lord Chennai


We treat and re-unite the patients with their family.
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Lord Chennai

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Need for funds for construction of Rehabilitation Center. read more

Lord Chennai

Welcome to LORD

Here is everything you need to know about our Organization

Lord - Leading Organisation for Deprived People

Welcome to the knowledge Bank to phathom the depth of the agony caused by mental illness, its causes and remedial measures. As per the old adage “curiosity kills the cat” you would consider it as worth to know about us.

LORD is an Organisation registered under Trust Act 1992 vide Reg. No:460/92 dated 11-11-1992 and duly licensed by the licensing Authority The Institute of Mental Health, Kilpauk, Chennai-10 (Government of Tamilnadu) bearing No:31/02.

It is a non-governmental and non-profitable Social welfare Organisation with broad objective to evolve and implement economic, educational, cultural and health oriented measures for the under privileged and weaker sections of society which includes women, youth, mentally and physically handicapped children from urban and rural areas in order to lend a lifting hand to their social, economic and cultural status. LORD works mainly with families in poorer sections of society where the mental illness is rampant. LORD’s activities are aimed at providing relief and hope to these families through comprehensive strategy of organising family based rehabilitation, educational training and development.

Crazy isn’t being broken, or swallowing a dark secret. It’s you or me, amplified.